Roku, the best streaming Device

Roku is the best streaming media player and there are different models with unique features. Among
the available models, Roku streaming stick stands ahead in the market. Activate the best Roku streaming
stick to watch original movies, TV shows, kid’s shows and a lot more.

Roku streaming stickFeatures of Roku streaming stick

  •  Entertainment is free and you can access a large number of movies and TV shows that are in
  • There is Roku mobile app to use the voice search option. yYou can also speak to the voice search
    remote at a minimum volume.
  • Compact device and affordable prize- Attracts most of the customers.
  •  Allows 4K streaming and HDR options.
  •  Simple menus to make the selections.
  •  Amazing design to plug the HDMI cable easily.
  •  Volume and Power buttons to power up the device and adjust the volume

Roku streaming stick Plus

Roku streaming stick plus is another model of Roku device. Read the reviews and find the features
before you purchase it. Here are the fascinating features of Roku streaming stick plus.

  •  Stream 4K and HDR videos from Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu
  • You can plug the device directly into the HDMI Ports without using HDMI cable
  •  The device supports a lot of streaming apps
  •  The Interface is neat and the device can work with any television that has an HDMI port/socket
  • My The feed feature will help you to bookmark the titles for an easy search
  •  Excellent picture performance and quality
  • The buffering is fast and streaming is easy
  •  Stream all your videos in first-rate quality.

Setup guidelines

To set up your Roku streaming stick or streaming stick plus, prepare your device

  • Connect the power cables. Use a Premium HDMI cable to connect the streaming device to the
    Roku TV
  • Power on the device and the screen will prompt you to complete the guided setup ( Language
    selection and display settings )
  •  Establish a secure internet connection in the next step. If it is wireless, choose the network
    name from the list
  • If it is wired, connect an Ethernet cable between the device and the Router.
  •  Visit the webpage and provide the required information to create a account
  •  Go through the instructions to complete the activation process.
  • Choose the best device and Roku becomes your ultimate streaming companion

When compared with the features of latest streaming device models, Roku streaming stick stands ahead
and is in more demand among the customers.

To find the best Roku streaming stick and its features, read the reviews on our webpage. Also,
speak to our agents by dialing the Roku support number.

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