The Roku Premiere and the Roku Premiere Plus have the best streaming capabilities and can both play 4K content. They are each loaded with specific features that cater to different user needs and are available for less than $100.So, why don’t we have a quick look at these two devices to find out which one would suit you best?

Video quality support

These devices stream online videos are great speeds provided that you connect it to a good quality internet. The Roku Premiere Plus supports HD, HDR and also 4K content whereas the Roku Premiere just falls short in the HDR section. And you will definitely need a High Definition TV to get the max out of these streaming players.

In case, you are looking to connect an older TV set, then we suggest you choose the Express. A 2.2 HDMI cable will be necessary to complete connections between the TV and these Roku players.

Network connectivity

Network connections to any Roku for instance is easy to complete and follows the 802.11ac dual-band MIMO protocol; this applicable for the Premiere and the Roku Premiere Plus devices. This makes Wi Fi connections hassle free but however, an Ethernet port is available only with the Premiere Plus.

Hence, you can connect your Premiere device only to a Wi Fi enabled router. The Premiere Plus also sports a micro USB port that will help you connect your mobile phones or other portable devices.

Remote and the Roku app

Unless you own a Roku Ultra you cannot expect to have the latest features on your remote. On the other hand, Roku makes it possible for you to use its app as a remote with all the premium features. The ones that you may not find on a Premiere or Premiere Plus remote but only on the app are;

  • Private listening
  • Voice search
  • Point anywhere

Roku also sells an advanced remote as an additional accessory and it can be purchased directly on the website.

Content variety

With a Roku, you get access to more than 5000 odd channels that is in turn a gateway to 500,00 plus TV shows and movies. Not just entertainment, it can also be your study guide or your yoga guru when you want it to be. Gaming channels, cooking channels, sports channels, live cable channels are all part of this tiny device.

You need just a Roku account and a few channel subscriptions for having a great time with your Roku Premiere Plus. Get to know more about how to create one and add a few channels.

Roku quick tips

For account

  • Go to the Roku website
  • Register for an account
  • Create with personal details
  • Also, setup payment info

For activation of Roku

  • Complete initial setup
  • Connect to the internet
  • Get the activation code
  • Link with your account

If you need assistance in these setup or activation steps, then visit our website or call us at our toll-free number.

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