Strengths of Hulu Live

When it comes to Hulu Live, technically it is still in the Beta stage. Even then most users love its simplicity
and pricing compared to other services. On the interface, there are not many tiers to navigate. It also
comes with a remarkable channel count. There are a number of channels that you can get with streaming
over-the-top service. You can also get local channels (this is a big deal!). Hulu Live has the most volume of
local channels nationwide. As far as population coverage is concerned, it is pretty strong, though most of
the time it depends on which market you are in because the channels will be available according to your
area. Before you setup and activate Hulu on Roku, you might want to test this.

You may also find HBO Go Channel a good option, find its steps to activate HBO Go Channel on Roku

hulu live

Other features of Hulu Live

Hulu Live does have some great add-ons for extra DVR and unlimited stream. These make the service a
little bit more powerful. In the end, Hulu Live is part of Hulu and so if you subscribe to it, you can access to
Hulu’s regular content too. There are some Hulu Originals that come with a huge nostalgia factor. If you like old sitcoms and movies, then there is a lot of that available on Hulu.

The Pricing

Channel subscriptions rates are fairly nominal and in line with everyone else or even lesser. At a mere $40
a month, users can stream Hulu Live and Hulu. You can also get the commercial-free content at just $44 a
month. While there are commercials on Live TV, the regular on-demand content is absolutely ad-free.                      This makes it worth the extra $4 dollars that you pay per month.

Video quality and DVR

The quality of videos is pretty good. But this also depends upon your internet connection and the device
that you are using at that moment. There is also the DVR feature that gives you about 50 hours a month. If
you think this is not much, you can upgrade for about $15 a month and you can get 200 hours of DVR. Get
unlimited streams for about $15 a month within your household. This is especially good if you are a large

Bottom line

If you are the kind that likes to watch stuff that comes in on a weekly basis, then Hulu is the channel for
you. There is a wide range of reality shows and popular series that users can choose from. You can also
watch Hulu original creations here. If you cannot watch a particular show on a particular day, then record it
on that date and time and catch up on it later. There is also some content you can binge-watch on.

Hulu Live is definitely recommended for viewers especially if you are already a heavy Hulu user. If you are
curious about it, get a 7-day free trial. There is no contract in there anyway. You can access Hulu on a
range of devices including Roku boxes and streaming sticks.

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