FandangoNow Activate on Roku 

Fandango Now has several movies and television shows which you can stream without any hindrance. Read below to know about the FandangoNow Activate on Roku. Nearly 80,000 movies, shows and documentaries are available in Fandango Now.

FandangoNow Activate

FandangoNow Activate Steps

  • Normally, you have to select Movies Store by Fandango or TV Store by Fandango with the help of your Roku remote and stream the latest movies
  • If you have purchased the Roku devices on Walmart, just make use of the Search option to find FandangoNOW Movies & TV shows and include by clicking “Add Channel”
  • Now tap on the Settings icon and click Sign In to provide the FandangoNOW account credentials or else click Join to create a new account

FandangoNow Account Creation

  • Generating a FandangoNOW account doesn’t cost even a penny as you need to pay only for the content you stream and there is no monthly subscription as well. However, renting a television show is not possible as you can only purchase them
  • After renting a particular content, you can stream it for a month. Just select “Watch Now” on your screen and stream the movie of your choice as many times as you want within two days

Features in FandangoNOW channel 

  • The best thing about Fandango Now is, you can get a glimpse of the free movies online available without even signing in
  • However, creating a Fandango Now account is essential to rent or purchase movies and using this subscription, you can include it to your mobile devices, smart phones, desktops and smart TVs as well
  • Just implement the FandangoNOW activate steps on Roku to watch your favorite shows and movies on your very own Roku player.

Have a FandangoNow promo code? Here is how you can use it

When you are purchase or rent a title, you can make use of the FandangoNOW promo code. Just read below to know in detail about the FandangoNOW promo code usage.

  • Sign in with your FandangoNow account while purchasing a movie or television show
  • Once you choose the content, you will be prompted to select “rent” or “own”
  • After selecting, furnish the FandangoNOW promo code in the respective box and click “Apply”
  • Click Watch Now right after you click the Buy option and you can stream your favorite movies for a lesser cost than the usual rate.

How to use FandangoNOW coupon?

If you have a FandangoNOW coupon or gift card, just follow the steps given below.

  • Navigate to the official website and also find the movie or television show that you are planning to purchase
  • Sign in with your FandangoNow account or tap “Join Now” if you don’t have a FandangoNow account
  • You will be directed to the Check out page where you will see the “Use Gift Card” option
  • Just provide the Gift card number and also PIN (optional) to proceed with the purchase.

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