Enjoy music with Pandora.com/Roku activation

Experience amazing and limitless songs by executing pandora.com/roku. Roku provide users with Pandora channel to stream your favorite songs and music. The channel provides users with songs from various genres, albums and titles.


Activate Pandora on Roku

Follow the given procedures carefully and accomplish Pandora.com/Roku.

  • Before starting the channel activation procedure, linking your Roku device with your Roku account is a mandatory step.
  • Create a Pandora account with your correct personal information and login to the Roku account for adding the channel.
  • Browse through the Roku channel store and add the Pandora channel after locating it.
  • Once you have successfully obtained the Pandora access code, all you have to do is promote the code to pandora.com/roku  for the channel activation.
  • Start enjoying your favorite artists and have a good time with your friends and family.

Pandora channel packages

Select any of the Pandora channel packages after executing www.pandora.com/roku and enter into the world of music.

  • Pandora Free – Pandora Free offers superior quality helps and supports to all the consumers. It provides valuable response and also helps to create a playlist of the user’s favorite tracks and songs.
  • Pandora Plus – Pay 4.99 dollars per month and start experiencing your favorite music and genres without any advertisements or commercials. It comes with an offline radio with amazing audio quality and also permits you to replay your favorite track again.
  • Pandora Premium – Acquire the Pandora premium package by just paying 9.99 dollars in a month and you get an advantage of Pandora Plus with Pandora Premium. You can also create your personalized and individual playlist and listen on demand songs.
  • Pandora Premium Family – Pay 14.99 dollars a month and generate six Pandora accounts with the help of Pandora Premium Family

Pandora version 3.0

Have a look at some of the major characteristics of Pandor.a 3.0 version.

  • Users can generate five individual com/roku account with the Pandora 3.0. Besides this, you can switch account with each other and browse your favorite stations smoothly.
  • You can inspect the track, album as well as the song artists while playing your songs on Pandora version 3.0. Additionally, it also displays the album art on the search page screen.

DirecTV to stream Pandora

If you are planning to get the TV provider subscription for Pandora which is cheap and affordable, DirecTV Now is the best choice for you. It will not only help you to listen to a variety of songs but will also permit you to have the complete access to the Pandora channel. If you come across any problems while executing the Pandora.com/directv, contact the DirecTV customer service.

Tune Pandora on mobile

Do you prefer streaming music on your mobile than on the TV? Do not worry. You can add and launch the Pandora TV application with the help of App store, if you are an IOS user. However, an Android customer can download the application from the Google Play Store and start streaming their favorites. Pandora Plus subscribers can easily manage and alter the stations according to their preferences.

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