Stream BBC News on Roku – BBC.Com/news is an independent organization devoid of all political influence, hence the news broadcast is unbiased and fact-checked. The reason for high viewership is due to the unbiased nature of the news reports. Let’s take a look at the steps to add on Roku.

The Roku platform is one of the most efficient and wallet-friendly ways of watching television. Roku’s platform has redefined the way of the online media and content streaming industry by offering an affordable solution to the end customers. It has also become one of the most popularly used media streaming devices, beating the Google Chromecast, Amazon Firestick and The Apple TV in terms of price and functionality. In this blog post, we talk about adding one of the most popular news networks BBC News in your channel collection on the Roku device.

BBC News is one of the largest news broadcasting networks belonging to the parent firm British Broadcasting company. Besides, it broadcasts around 120 hours of radio and television news in a day. Moreover, they have 50 foreign news outlets and around 250 correspondents around the world.

Add and Activate BBC News on Roku Device

As mentioned earlier, the following steps are generic and can be utilized to add any channel to your Roku device. This method involves utilizing the Roku directly without utilizing a web browser.

  • Navigate to the Roku Homepage utilizing the Home button present on the Roku Remote
  • Go to Streaming channels by using the Up and Down arrow keys present on the Roku remote.
  • On the Search bar, type BBC News and click on Search
  • After this, navigate to channel page and select the option to add the channel.
  • Login to your Roku account when the device asks you for the respective details.
  • Check if BBC news is on the ‘My channels’ list of the Roku page.
  • To tune into BBC News, navigate through the list of channels and select BBC News icon.

Alternative Method to add BBC Global News on Roku

The second method is fairly straightforward and involves utilizing a web browser to add the  BBC News channel to your Roku account. This also involves visiting the Roku channel store on your mobile or Laptop.

  • Start the web browser and on the URL bar enter the URL for the channel store.
  • On the search bar present on the website type BBC News and click on search.
  • Going further, follow the same step of adding a channel from the channel page by adding a channel.
  • Then, login to your account by furnishing your credentials and the channel is effectively included to your Roku device.

By executing this process, you catch a glimpse of BBC World News, BBC news headlines, BBC news live, BBC world news today and many more. Furthermore, if you have any difficulty or queries feel free to contact our customer support at +1-888-742-7850 and our dedicated support team will respond to your queries within 24 hours.

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